Beyond Socialism

Socialism asserts that the whole of society should own or control everything for the benefit of its members. An authority, such as government, then determines the distribution of benefits.  Therefore, shelter, food, medicine, healthcare, education, etc. is all provided as the paramount needs to humans. At first glance that sounds wonderful that all would be taken care of. However, it avoids the true potential of man (his/her sprit).

Beyond the basic human needs is the very essence of you, that is your true potential. You realize your true potential by projecting the grandness of yourself and all others. You realize your true potential by your unconditional love that begins with self. It is a love within the human heart that realizes something far greater than anything previously experienced. It’s a love that realizes the freedom of Truth that is naturally shared and projected into the collective social mind.

It is in this vein that it vital to work on self to ultimately realize the unlimited Self. One by one, we each make a difference. By our individual shifts in consciousness, we shift the collective consciousness that manifests in and as, society. It has been asked: “in the meantime as we do our work on self, do we avoid handing out food to the hungry? Or, do we deny help to those infirmed?”

As a matter of fact, we present to others from the expression of unforced unity. Each step we take in our own expansion of consciousness aids us to achieve a greater level of unity with all. We are not required to control, direct or force individuals’ actions. We come to express out of Love as we know we are all part of the Whole as is each other. There are no divisions (such as by race, religion, or nationality, etc) other than those that create as illusions out of mind, so we identify the “separation” that we have contributed to and repair that break. We not only share our Truth with others, we also help them to a greater understanding of who they are!

As an example, you can give a piece of bread to the hungry man. The greatest benefit flows from your heart. Instead of projecting “a hungry man”, you project unlimited potential for abundance. By this time, you invite interaction that will provide the man the next step for his movement to Self.