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Beyond the Spark of Freedom

In her other books, I Gave Up My Life to Find IT and The Infallible Way, Jule Gaige shares the way to overcome fears to realize unconditional love. With great insight, this book, Beyond the Spark of Freedom, she conveys how we walk-through life experiences to transform mind’s resistance to realize Love. What begins as the spark of freedom that is inherent to each of us as part of our Truth, consciousness now shines radiantly in all things, as all things, and beyond all things. It permeates not only your personal world but the world, at large.

I Gave Up My Life to Find IT

In her book, I Gave Up My Life to Find IT, Gaige shares her journey to wholeness and her realization of our true potential for abundance, harmony, peace, and joy. Written for anyone that commits to overcome illness, relationship discord, discontent, addiction or lack/financial unrest, I Gave Up My Life to Find IT expresses a greater life purpose. What makes this book different than others in the genre, Gaige gently guides the reader through the process to identify ther esistance to our true potential and then, to transform the energy of resistance to love; to freedom! Gaige’s book is a push back for each of us to “walk our talk.”

The Infallible Way

Complete with stories that extend from contemporary life experiences The Infallible way supports common sense understanding of your role in the grand scheme of things. It answers your questions regarding the nature and source of your personal empowerment. It explanins the people and situations in your life and tells you why they are present. In addition, The Infallible Way provides the solution to unrest, conflict and chaos that appears along the path of life.

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