If you are going through a depression…

The results caused by resisting Truth stem from the activity of mind. For instance, the seed of thought continues to expand in mind. Such as in the case of illness by accepting the potential for depression, ill health or disease, it becomes part of the activity of mind. The corresponding illness manifests from the activity of mind that engages in notions of disease.

The frustration and anxiety build, and the energy develops, in intensity, caused by continued focus. It leads to activities of violence, suicide, illness, breakdowns, depression and any other formed experiences. If the projection or thought holds in mind for a time, it ultimately manifests in the body. The limitations from what is held in mind multiply. So is the intensity with which it is felt. Thus, it results as what we have come to know, as depression, anger or rage. By overcoming separation (repairing the breaks caused by mind) and realizing who and what we are, we open to our grand Truth. As such, we move beyond duality. No longer separate, we open to realize we are One with God (the Whole) and thus, we are beyond the bondage that includes the experiences such as depression that have been a part of life experiences. As we awaken, what begins as the spark of freedom that is inherent to us as our Truth, it now shines radiantly as Love and Wisdom that expresses beyond to all.

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