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Beyond the Spark of Freedom

by Jule Gaige

book review by Jonah Meyer

“The mind relates to the past or to the future. In Truth, your existence simply pertains to the now.”

Part self-help guide, part philosophical and poetic tribute to cultivating one’s true nature, Gaige’s manifesto teaches that once one has realized “who you are, completely and absolutely,” one is liberated from the struggle of misunderstanding. Each of us on this earth, the author maintains, is, in reality, comprised of love and wisdom. “Walk your Truth” and “Build Awareness” are some of the fundamental offerings Gaige inspires readers to undertake in this book of guidance. They are encouraged to identify their thoughts and emotions—without judgment—and move beyond that realm into their own truth.

While the text at times can come across as abstract, the author does succeed in grounding the subject matter squarely into daily-life scenarios, with plentiful use of concrete examples to back up the points made. In fact, just about every other page contains anecdotes to illustrate the various points made throughout the book. Effective (and helpful) as well is Gaige’s presentation of germane “Questions and Answers” at the close of each chapter, providing in plain-spoken language a welcome addendum to the material.

A hallmark of Gaige’s thesis is the realization that there is no self; rather, everyone and everything are interconnected. 


by Jule Gaige

Reviewed by Melissa Wuske

Lawyer Julie Gaige’s self-help work The Infallible Way: Guide for Transforming Fear to Love provides the hope to push past the excuses that bar the way to a better life.

This book addresses all-too-common questions about individual purpose and self-worth, doing so with unshakable faith in the power of people to realize and live out their own inherent values. Powered by Gaige’s own life transformation and providing clear and direct advice, the book aims to help people identify their limiting beliefs and change them in order to have a fuller life, inside and out.

Change must come from the inside, the book argues. This guide considers the all-encompassing spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical realities that hold people back. This inside-to-outside approach deftly addresses past traumas, difficult relationships, and physical illnesses in a way that is head-on but doesn’t give circumstances undue weight.

The book embodies a can-do spirit, brimming with positivity and possibility even as it encourages clear-eyed, bold change.


In Jule Gaige’s self-help book The Infallible Way: Guide for Transforming Fear to Love, the author lays out a way to turn failure to success and illness to health.

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