The Infallible Way to freedom in the day of Corona Virus. – Jule Gaige

Coronavirus has been termed, “the Invisible Enemy”. The invisible enemy may appear real because of what seems as its far-reaching effects that are felt by many. Yet, the invisible enemy is that part of consciousness (individual and collective) that accepts a familiar condition of struggle. Most people compulsively hang on to what is familiar, even if it is very painful and confusing.

Victim consciousness projects and empowers more fight, more separateness. That means when facing the choice, most people choose to struggle. In the case of Coronavirus, results of death, illness, financial distress and/or separation are created. The fear and insecurity seem so extreme because the pain and confusion are so intense.

When you consider something as bad or as an enemy that must be destroyed, those projections strengthen what you try to rid yourself of. Minds have been conditioned to accept such concepts when in Truth, they are not bad or good; rather, they are experiences that are built out of fear and insecurity caused by separation from the Whole. The Whole is a freedom that is beyond a struggle that shatters separateness. It is where we realize the unknown is the true source of fulfillment.

It is only when you have a burning desire to be free more than you desire the familiar sense of self that creates struggle, that you are beyond the need to struggle. The burning desire drives you and delivers you to the liberation of Truth and reveals your Self to be all that is.

As you realize that you are secure in the freedom of Self, you are beyond all separation and realize your True Power. You are beyond the need for struggle. You are beyond the need for war. You are beyond all conclusions other than your free Self. In Truth that is Love and Wisdom, you transcend duality (such as good and bad) and separation.

To those affected by illness, death, financial unrest and more, the question is posed “Does the Infallible Way suggest that society and/or the government ignore the situation such as coronavirus or avoid fighting the war? Wouldn’t this lead to world turmoil, giving rise to more death and anguish?” In the Infallible Way, society and/or government responds to a collective consciousness. As long as resistance to Truth (separation) exists, governments correspond with standards as a means to regulate or cope with the unrest. In the Infallible Way, it prevents an insecure society (collective consciousness) from annihilation. One by one, we each maintain the potential to go beyond the need to struggle and reveal the liberation of Self to be all that IS.

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  1. A beautiful reflection of truth spoken! I was filled with fear and anguish and was welcomed to reading the beautiful work of Jule’s.

    Beautiful reminders and demonstrations presented. As my shifts occurred I keep walking.

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